Panther Marching Band Registration

IMPORTANT: Before completing this form, please be sure to view our Summer Newsletter and review the steps to take to join the PMB!

Contact Information
If living on-campus, please type the name of your residence hall and your room number in this blank. If you are living off-campus, please type your street address, city, state, and zip code in this blank.
PMB Information
If you have another dietary concern not listed above, please list that here.
Uniform Sizing
Please supply your sizes even if you are a returning member who does not need additional uniform items. This helps us keep our records up-to-date.
Uniform Needs-New Members
IMPORTANT-NEW MEMBERS: Below you will pay your $72.00 Band Fee. After you pay that fee, you will be directed to a web page where you will buy your *required* uniform items. To make sure you get what you need, follow these directions: 1. Click the link in the confirmation message or email. 2. Hover over “Menu” on the upper left part of your screen 3. Hover over “UNI Band” 4. Click “Uniforms” 5. Choose either Men’s or Women’s Uniform apparel, whichever you would like 6. Input your sizes and add your uniform items to the cart 7. OPTIONAL: Browse the store for other great UNI gear! 8. Click “Cart” 9. Check out Returning members can browse the store for great UNI gear! Please be aware that the Uniform items will be shipped to UNI and distributed to you at Band Camp. All other items will be shipped to the address you supply when you order.
Uniform Needs-Returning Members
IMPORTANT-RETURNING MEMBERS: You are not required to purchase any clothing items, but you may optionally elect to purchase anything at the link, including uniform items!
Band Fee-All Members
IMPORTANT-ALL MEMBERS: All members must pay the UNI PMB Fee. Click below to do so.
Refund Policy and Waiver Acceptance

You are about to pay the $72 band fee that all PMB members are charged. This fee covers uniform dry-cleanings and other assorted individual expenses. No refunds are provided once payment is made on the next page. Please check below that you understand that we do not provide refunds for any reason. New members will then to go to a second, third party webstore (Authentic Brands) to purchase the mandatory package of uniform clothing. 

Emergency Contact
What is the first and last name on the credit card you are using?