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PMB Alumni Marching Band Music

Please download the Alumni Band music below and bring with you to Homecoming for your performance with the PMB Alumni Band. Pregame Fanfare/UNI Fight, Alma Mater, and National Anthem are for the Pregame Performance. Holiday and Hey Baby are for those who wish to perform at the Alumni Tailgate in the afternoon.

Pregame Fanfare and UNI Fight

Parts (please print the page you need)

UNI Alma Mater 

UNI Alma Mater Flute (pdf)

UNI Alma Mater Clarinet (pdf)

UNI Alma Mater Alto Sax (pdf)

UNI Alma Mater Tenor Sax (pdf)

UNI Alma Mater Trumpet 1 (pdf)

UNI Alma Mater Mellophone (coming soon)

UNI Alma Mater Trombone 1 (pdf)

UNI Alma Mater Baritone Bass Clef (pdf)

UNI Alma Mater Tuba (pdf)

National Anthem

National Anthem Flute (pdf)

National Anthem Clarinet (pdf)

National Anthem Alto Saxophone (pdf)

National Anthem Tenor Sax (pdf)

National Anthem Trumpet 1 (pdf)

National Anthem Trumpet 2 (pdf)

National Anthem Trumpet 3 (pdf)

National Anthem Mellophone (pdf)

National Anthem Trombone 1 (pdf)

National Anthem Trombone 2 (pdf)

National Anthem Baritone BC (pdf)

National Anthem Tuba (pdf)


Wind Parts (please print the page you need)

Percussion Parts

Hey Baby

Hey Baby Parts