Join the Panther Marching Band

Registration for 2021 Panther Marching Band is Now Open!

We are thrilled to open our registration for the 2021 season! We invite all students with playing experience on their instruments to join the the finest organization on this or any campus. Show your Pride, Strength, and Character as a member of the 2021 Panther Marching Band! 

Joining is easy:

1. Visit our FAQ page for some basic information about the PMB.

2. Read the 2021 Summer Newsletter for detailed information about everything you'll need to know to be successful in the PMB. This newsletter contains vital information that includes our performance and Band Camp calendar, so please be sure to read it!

3. Complete your Registration Form and follow all instructions to make sure we receive your registration. This is also where you will buy required clothing items if you need them (required for New Members; optional for Returning Members)

4. Add the PMB class to your schedule. (For Freshmen and Sophomores: MUS ENS 1180; Class #50427; Course ID 003203. For Juniors and Seniors: MUS ENS 3180; Class #50432; Course ID 003210). First-year or transfer students will do this with their advisors or at orientation later in the summer.  

5. Drumline, Frontline, and Colorguard students must audition before completing the steps above. Visit the linked pages for all you need to know about how to submit your auditions. 

If you have any questions at all, please contact Dr. Justin Mertz, Director of the PMB. ​

Panther Marching Band at Halftime in the UNI-Dome