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Syllabus and Handbook

Available here.

Excused Absence/Lateness Request Form

Students who will be absent or late due to reasons likely to be approved as outlined in the syllabus (for example: illness, family emergency) should complete the online Absence Request Form at least two weeks prior to the date of the absence or immediately following an absence due to an illness. We take attendance issues very seriously and expect you to attend all rehearsals and performances, except for emergency or illness. 

Class Conflict Form

If you are enrolled in a required course for your major and can only enroll in a section that conflicts with PMB class time, please fill out the Class Conflict Form. You only need to fill it out once. Remember that only a few minutes of unavoidable conflict are acceptable.  

Replacement Music Request Form

The PMB Librarians make copies once a week. Request any music you need by filling out the form.