Community, Technical, and Transfer Students

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The UNI Panther Marching Band invites students from Hawkeye Community College, Allen College, and other Cedar Valley Colleges to join the Panther Marching Band!

Students from Community, Technical, or other colleges can now join the Panther Marching Band and will be enrolled in the Marching Band Class for one credit. You will practice and perform as full members of the PMB! For information on the PMB, visit our New Member page!


Please note that our instructions for Community College Students have changed from previous years.

The process for joining the Panther Marching Band as a Community College student is very easy:

1. Complete the Panther Marching Band registration form

2. When you arrive for the first day of camp, you will complete a university application and transient student form, both of which we will provide. 

3. Application fees will be waived for Community College students. 

4. Our admissions office will process your paperwork and add you to the class.

5. Please note that Community College students who enroll in the PMB will pay the COURSE FEE for a 1 credit-hour course. Previously this amount has been around $350.00. Students will receive a bill for the course fee after you are enrolled in the course.

We are happy to have you as members of the Panther Marching Band!